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Promoting a better understanding of the movement
and application of poultry litter in Oklahoma
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How to Calculate Value of Nutrients in Litter

Step 1: Cost of Commercial Fertilizer

Call your local fertilizer dealer for current fertilizer prices required below.

a) Determine Cost Per Ton of N (Urea)

Urea Analysis: 46-0-0


b) Determine Cost Per Ton of P2O5 (DAP)

DAP = Diammonium phosphate fertilizer
DAP Analysis: 18-46-0


c) Determine Cost Per Ton of K2O (Potash)

Potash Analysis: 0-0-60


Step 2: Litter Analysis from Lab

Enter lab test results from your litter sample in the required fields below.
Manure Test Values (as-is basis)

lbs. N per ton of litter

lbs. P2O5 per ton of litter

lbs. K2O per ton of litter

Step 3: Calculate Final Values

Based on estimated 70% availability of the N in litter.

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